About Us

MyCareer360 is a team of entrepreneurs who decided to solve a problem that virtually everyone is faced with: How to manage your resume and keep it current.

Our approach to solving this problem was to build MyCareer360 online resume builder that makes it easy for anyone to create and maintain one or multiple resumes. Our platform is cloud-based and can be accessed at any time using any compatible device.

MyCareer360 started from our team’s own personal experience with keeping their resumes current and relevant. For first-time job seekers, the problem is how to make the most of little to no real work experience. For most people who have been in the workforce, they don’t think about updating their resume until they find themselves out of work.  The challenge for most people is the act of committing time to sit down to update their resume. When they finally decide to update their resume, they must remember all of the interesting work they’ve done since their last update. In some cases, that can be months or even years.

Our objective is to provide a solution to the challenge of keeping a resume current. Our online resume builder answers this by providing a solution that is:

  1. Convenient/Flexible  – Since our resume builder is completely web-based, users will find our system extremely convenient. Users can manage multiple sections of their resume, keep multiple versions of their resume and track to whom their resumes are sent, as well as generate a copy of their resume in a PDF or Word DOC format on demand.
  2. Accessible – All of our user’s content is securely stored in our private cloud which can be accessed through a current web browser any time and from virtually any device.
  3. Cost Effective – Users can subscribe for a small annual membership fee of $24.99. Click here for more pricing information.

Thanks for checking MyCareer360. We hope our online resume builder will let you discover a 360 degree approach to a successful professional life.