MyCareer360 Find Internship

How to Land the Perfect Internship

Forget waiting tables between classes. Get an internship and get paid! You’ve heard of internships. Even if none of your friends have completed one, you’ve seen them in plenty of movies and TV shows. From the 2006 Will Smith tearjerker The Pursuit of Happyness to Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s 2013 two hour Google commercial The Internship, these positions are often portrayed as thankless, arduous, and ruthlessly competitive. What is an internship, anyway? An internship is a pre-professional training program ...
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MyCareer360 Career change strategy

Reinvent Your Resume to Reinvent Your Career

Career is an interesting word. Originating in the 1500s, from European and Latin languages; a career (n.) meant a racecourse, or running a course. Career used as a verb, meant to charge at tournament or advance rapidly. With the coming of the industrial revolution in the eighteenth century, the word evolved to its current meaning. Today, we use career to describe a profession; or a job you’ve been doing for an extent of time. Our understanding of the word career ...
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MyCareer360 Social media strategy for jobs

Build your career with an effective social media strategy

Will networking on social media sites help to build your career? In this day and age it seems like everyone and even everything is on social media. Corporations, small businesses, and professionals are no exception to this trend and should be used to your advantage when it comes to looking for a job and expanding your professional network. Even as recently as 10 years ago, professional networking meant asking an acquaintance to hand deliver your resume to an HR manager ...
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MyCareer360 Social media for job search

How to land your first job using tips from Social media

A Comparative Guide to Scoring Your First Real Job Picture this: you are a rising college senior or recent graduate. If you’re lucky, you got a well-paying job right out of school via that summer internship. If you’re like most grads, however, you’re probably beginning your first job quest and wondering how to successfully find employment. The best way to think about your job search is to imagine that it’s like your social media account. Let’s compare: in your job ...
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MyCareer360 Job Interview Tips

Decipher Corporate Hiring and Get to know insider Hiring tips

Looking for Employment or looking to change Employment? Are you Ready to take on the job market? Whether you are looking to change from your current position or unemployed, it’s important to know the best way to present yourself in today’s job market. Keep reading for a few insider HR tips on how to successfully navigate the recruiting process and land the position you want. Once you have decided to go into job search mode, the first step is to ...
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MyCareer360 Applicant Tracking System

The Art Behind Getting Past the Scanning System of Hiring Manager

How does a resume checker work? Advances in technology and digital communications have dramatically changed the way we apply for jobs. Forget photocopying a single resume and sending it out through snail mail. Today a candidate can share their resume to an employer by simply uploading it to the employer’s website. This has streamlined the process for candidates immensely, making it much easier (and cheaper!) to apply for a multitude of positions. Great, right? Unfortunately, this digital revolution caused a major ...
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MyCareer360 Resume Keywords

Supercharge Your Resume With Keyword Power

What Keywords To Use In Your Resume? Making your resume stand out among the competition is one of the best ways to score an interview for a new job. There are many ways to stand out, but in this post we’re going to address the power of keywords. Firstly, what do we mean by “keywords”? For our purposes, a keyword is a word that a hiring manager or Applicant Tracking System (ATS) uses to pick out the best possible applicant ...
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MyCareer360 Quantify your Resume with numbers

Quantify Your Resume the Easy Way

4 Tips for Quantifying Your Achievements Quantifying your achievements is great way to “beef up” your resume. Using specific numbers, scores, and percentages not only makes you sound more credible, it also helps recruiters understand the impact you’ve had in previous positions. You can also use numbers to convey personal characteristics, such as reliability and drive. If you work in a numbers-rich field like construction or consulting, it’s easy to find statistics and dollar amounts to use in your resume ...
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MyCareer360 Multi Client Resume

How to Build a Multi-Client Resume in Five Steps

Do you have a consulting or contracting job involving multiple clients? In many cases, formatting your resume correctly is just as important as the information it includes. For example, if you’re a project manager that works for Company A and then hired out to Company B and Company C, you want to make sure that it’s clear that you’re not just jumping from job to job every six months or so! If formatted incorrectly your resume might make it look ...
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MyCareer360 Creating a Targeted Resume

How To Build a Targeted Resume That Will Get You Noticed

How To Build a Targeted Resume That Will Get You Noticed When a job opportunity becomes available, hiring managers are on the hunt to fill the position with the right candidate. If you’re submitting a resume for a particular job, you want your name to land next to that new position.  The question is: How do you make yourself stand out from dozens, or sometimes hundreds of other candidates seeking the same opportunity? It begins with your resume, and making sure your resume is on target in order to attract the eyes ...
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MyCareer360 Experience gap

When to use a Functional Resume

What is a functional resume? A functional resume is one that focuses mainly on your skills and abilities rather than on your chronological work history and academic qualifications. It’s an effective way for a job seeker to market their relevant skills to an employer when changing industries or gaps in employment are present. Despite lacking experience and periods of unemployment a functional resume can help you prove that you are the best suited candidate for the job. How to Create ...
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MyCareer360 Create Resume Online

Creating a Resume Online

Resume builders - Should you use them? Getting the job you deserve in this economy can be difficult without the right connections and guidance help and training. A great resume will place you ahead of the competition in the job search. Many job seekers are finding that creating resumes online through is easy and convenient. However, designing an attractive and effectively formatted resume can be a daunting task. Word processing applications such as Microsoft Office and Google Docs offer user-friendly ...
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